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/Dr Winniefridah Matsa
Dr Winniefridah Matsa

Position: Senior Lecturer

Department: Gender Institute
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  • Bsc Honours degree in Sociology,
  • Diploma in Education,
  • Masters in Sociology of Education
  • PhD in Socio-Education from UNISA. She has supervised dissertations for under-graduate and post graduate studies. 
  • Member of Southern Africa for Peace Building and development (SIPD), OSSREA, and Codesria among others.
  • Reviewer of the journal the DYKE
  • Member of Committee on academic ceremonies (COAC), Quality assurance (QA) and the Gender Institute

Research Interests:

  • Gender and culture,
  • Gender and environment,
  • Gender and education,
  • Gender and women,
  • Gender and Migration as well as Sociological issues. 


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  • Matsa W(2013) Traditional Crop Yield Preservation: Exploring the Contributions of Women to Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Humanities and social Science. Vol.3 No.4 (Special Issue-February 234-245.
  • Matsa M and Matsa W. (2013) Traditional Adaptation Mechanisms to Climate Change and Vulnerability among women in South- West Zimbabwe. Book Chapter. OSSREA. Pp297-339.
  • Matsa W and Matsa M. The Gender, Poverty and Energy Nexus in Zimbabwe: The case of Gweru Urban and Shurugwi and Resettlement areas. British Journal of Advanced Academic 1(2014) pp.1-25
  • Matsa  W Social Construction of Gender, Language and the Reduction of Women Space in the Ndebele Culture. (2015). The Dyke.MSU.
  • Matsa W, Moyo, R and Sibanda, E (2018). Challenges and complexities faced by teachers and learners in the teaching and learning of cultural aspects of the Ndebele language in Gwanda South district, Zimbabwe. Pan African studies journal
  • Matsa M, Matsa W and Mukoni M. Environmental Change and Gender: Rethinking Traditional Approaches to Food Security in Rural Beit-Bridge, Zimbabwe. Book Chapter In the volume Environmental Change and Human Security. (2018) SPRINGER.
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  • Matsa  W Gender Dynamics and Challenges of Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies to Climate Change and Vulnerability in South West Zimbabwe. (2018) Book Chapter .MSU Press. In print.

Conferences and Seminars Attended

  • Faculty of Education seminar and paper presentation on sexual harassment in institutions of higher learning at Midlands State University 17 July 2006 Zimbabwe.
  • The 6th Social Sciences Research seminar series 11September 2009 at Midlands State University, Gweru, Zimbabwe.
  • The 7th Social Sciences Research seminar series at Midlands state University 4 March 2010, Gweru, Zimbabwe.
  • The 8th S Social Sciences Research seminar series at Midlands state University, Gweru, Zimbabwe September 2010.
  • Research Board Seminar on PHD proposal writing 5 December 2011 at Midlands state University. GECS 2012 “Global Environmental Change and Human Security, Need for a new Vision for Science Policy and Leadership” Marrakesh Morocco 22 November 2012.
  • National Academic Policy Workshop OSSREA and University of Zimbabwe 10-11 April 2014 Bronte Hotel Harare.
  • The 18th Social science Research Seminar series MSU, May 2017
  • IGU and African Studies Inauguration conference, Namibia ,UNAM, 17-18 May 2018
  • Quality Assurance workshop on SOPs and ZIMCATS (minimum bodies of knowledge),Sept 2017
  • DIES Regional workshop on IQA and EQA, South Africa 9-10 Oct 2017
  • Research Ethics workshop MSU,24 April 2018

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