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/Dr. Angeline K. Sithole
Dr. Angeline K. Sithole

Position: Lecturer

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  • MBA
  • PhD in Public Administration

Research Interests:

  • Gender and Development
  • Public Policy
  • Public Administration


  1. Chikerema A.F., Sithole A. and Chikwavira S. (2020) Female leadership and key decision making in the Roman Catholic Church: Is there hope at the end of the tunnel? AJPAM XXVII (2) 59-67
  2. Sithole A. and Mogopodi L. (2019) Women’s use of indigenous knowledge to cope with climate change. Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal. 6(6) 111-119
  3. Sithole A. and Bhebe Q. (2017) Results Based Financing in rural health centres: Challenges faced and lessons learnt. The Dyke 11 (2) 174-184
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  5. Bhebe Q. and Sithole A. (2016) Drought coping strategies at household level: A case of Insiza District Ward. The Dyke 8(7) 305-315
  6. Chirasha V. and Sithole A. (2015) Organisational development intervention programs at ZETDC IJIRES 2(5) 353-357
  7. Sithole A. (2014) Results Based Financing, Any changes in the health delivery system? Journal of Social Welfare and Human Rights 1(1) 36-46
  8. Chikerema A. and Sithole A. (2014) Property ownership by Zimbabwean women: A myth or a reality? Zimbabwe Journal of Political Economy 1(1) 84-96
  9. Sithole A. (2013) Corruption in Zimbabwean local authorities: Case of the City of Gweru. Asian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities 2(3) 26-33


  1. Sithole A., Chirasha V. and Tatire M. (2013) Implementation of strategic plans by Zimbabwe local authorities. A case of Nyanga RDC. Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences. 4(1) 106-110
  2. Chikerema A., Sithole A., Chakunda V., and Matsika K. (2013) Good governance democracy and leadership styles in Africa. IOSR Journal of Political Economy 14(5) 67-80


  1. Sithole Angeline (2013) Corruption in Zimbabwean local authorities: Case of the City of Gweru Asian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities 2(3) 26-33


  1. Sithole A. and Goredema B. (2013) Building in wetlands to meet the housing demand and urban growth in Harare. International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Special Issue 3(8) 193-201
  2. Chikerema A.F. and Sithole A.K. (2012) NGOs: A curse or a blessing to development? The   Dyke 6(4) 238-251


Midlands State University and the University of Venda Conference-Gweru 14-16 October 2015

International Conference on Breaking the Nexus between Gender and Poverty-Victoria Falls 15-16 May 2017

Annual International Interdisciplinary Conference-Kenya 28-30 June 2017

8th ICCS Conference-Harare  8-10 August 2018

Social Sciences Research Seminar Series International Conference  15-17 October 2018 

ICLD Local Democracy Academy-Sweden 10-14 June 2019  


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