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/Ms. Angeline K. Sithole
Ms. Angeline K. Sithole




Research Interests:

Public Administration

1. Organisation Development Intervention Programs at ZETDC
2. Drought Coping Strategies at Household Level: a case of Insiza District Ward 9, Zimbabwe
3. Property Ownership by Zimbabwean Women. A myth or a reality?
4. Results Based Financing, Any Changes in the Health Delivery System?
5. Good governance, democracy and leadership styles in Africa
6. Corruption in Zimbabwean Urban Local Authorities: A case study of the City of Gweru
7. Implementation of Strategic Plans by Zimbabwean Local Authorities: A case of Nyanga Rural District Council
8. Building in Wetlands to meet the Housing Demand and Urban Growth in Harare

9. NGOs: A blessing or a curse to development?

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