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/Ms. Netsai Risinamhodzi
Ms. Netsai Risinamhodzi
Ms. Netsai Risinamhodzi

Position: Lecturer

Department: School of Social Work
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Academic Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Social Work (Bindura University of Science Education)
  • Master of Social Work (Clinical) Midlands State University
  • Advanced Diploma in Family Therapy (Zimbabwe Institute of Systemic Therapy, CONNECT)

Research interests 

  • Clinical Social Work
  • Family Therapy
  • Casework
  • School Social Work
  • Mental Health 


  • Consultancy, Training, Counselling and Mental Health Advocacy

Leadership positions held

  • Public Relations Officer- Adventist Mental Health Association of Zimbabwe (AMHAZ), 2018-date
  • National Trainings Officer- Smile Action International, 2020


Community Engagements

  • Mental health advocacy in churches, organizations and academic institutions
  • Free career guidance and mentoring for students in secondary and tertiary education
  • Free individual, family and group counselling to vulnerable and less privileged members of the community in need of such services

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