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/Ms Patience Priscilla Mushuku
Ms Patience Priscilla Mushuku

Position: Lecturer

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  • MSc Media and Society Studies,
  • BSc Media and Society Studies,

Research Interests

  • Social Media Use;
  • Media Monetization;
  • Media Representation and Health Communication


  • “Community Newspapers Underreporting The Environment” The Case Of The Times And The Sun Newspapers In The Midlands Province Of Zimbabwe. Co-Authored With Taruva, L. The Dyke, Volume 7, No.1 Of 2013
  • The Fallacy Of Participation In Behaviour Change Programming: The Case Of Gweru Women Aids Prevention Association (Gwapa), Zimbabwe; Journalism And Mass Communication, Issn 2160-6579; November 2013; Volume 3, No. 11, 733 – 747.
  • An Analysis Of The Challenges Being Faced By Universities In Zimbabwe In Promoting Research. Co-Authored With Chigora, P. Ossrea Bulletin; Vol. Xi; No.2 (June 2014)

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