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/Ms Siphiwe P Mandina


  • Master of Commerce Marketing Strategy (2010) (Midlands State University)
  • Bachelor of Commerce Marketing Management (2007) (Midlands State university)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (2014) Midlands State University
  • Marketing Management doctoral student at the University of Pretoria, SA


  • Services marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • ICT in tourism
  • Destination competitiveness


  • 1st International Research Conference on ‘Driving Socio-Economic Development Through Value Addition and Sustainable Use of Resources’ (July, 2015) Victoria Falls.
  • Presented paper titled: Unlocking Tourism Value Through a Tourist Experience Management Paradigm at the 18th International Conference on Business, Marketing and Tourism (3-4 November, 2016) Cape Town, South Africa
  • Presented a paper titled: Generational Differences in Organisational Buying Process: The Case of Buyers in Zimbabwe Listed Companies at the 5th BMC conference in Durban (23-24 August 2018)


  • Mandina S.P and Karisambudzi J (2016). Customer Retention Strategies: A Panacea to Reducing Attrition in the Zimbabwean Airline Industry. Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness 10 (2): 91-110
  • Mandina S.P and Kurwiravamwe J. 2016. Exploring the Effects of Service Recovery Strategies in the Electricity Supply Industry in Zimbabwe. Journal of Applied Business and Economics 18(3): 77-102
  • Mandina S.P and Masere V.S. 2016. A Demand Generation Model to Stimulate Tourists’ Purchase Intent. Africa International Journal of Management Education and Governance (AIJMEG) 1(2): 12-22
  • Mandina S.P. 2014. Contribution of CRM in Enhancing Customer Loyalty. Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness (JMDC), 8 (2): 69-87
  • Mandina S.P. Maravire C. Masere V. 2014. Effectiveness of Corporate Social Responsibility in Enhancing Company Image. Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 16 (3): 152-170 
  • Mandina S.P. Ngwenya T. Muzadzi M. 2014. Effectiveness of Emotional Marketing on Brand Loyalty in State Run Universities. European Journal of Business and Management. (13): 68-77
  • Mandina SP, Shamuyashe T. 2016. Unlocking Tourism Value through a Tourist Experience Management Paradigm. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology. International Journal of Social, Behavioral, Educational, Economic, Business and Industrial Engineering. 10, (11): 3614-3619
  • Masere V.S., Mutanga M, Kaja P and Mandina S. 2016. Breaking the Poverty Cycle in the Informal Sector of Zimbabwe, the role of Human Capital Development and Earnings: A Case of Gweru, Zimbabwe. Special Issue of the DYKE of 2016 on Economic Integration, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development.

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