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/Ms Tendai Makaita Letwinah Njanji
Ms Tendai Makaita Letwinah Njanji

Position: Lecturer

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Research Interests:

  • Onomastics and African Literature.


Articles in refereed Journals:

  • Tendai M L Njanji and Hungwe, E. (2013) Nationalist Defence: Just Whose Agenda is it? A look at the placement of women in Zimbabwe’s Liberation war Novels– published in the International Journal of Asian Social Science (IJASS) 3(6), pp1306-1313.
  • Fungai Mutema and Tendai M L Njanji (2013) Tofiraushe! Nhamoinesu! Naming as Negotiation for Space in Contemporary Zimbabwe- Published in the Research Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (RJEAS) 2(4), pp 251-255.
  • Tendai M L Njanji and Muromo B. (2013) What’s in a name? How Zimbabwean names tell stories– published in the Research Journal in Organizational Psychology and Educational Studies (RJOPES) 2(5) 2013 pp 280-284.
  • Tendai M L Njanji (2014) Chenjerai Hove’s Environmental Sensibilities: Ecocritical readings of Bones (1988) and Ancestors (1996)-Published in the International Journal of Humanities and Social Science s(IJHSS) 4(10) 2014, pp 125-134.
  • Tendai M L Njanji and Hungwe, E. (2013) Toxic Masculinities in Virgina Phiri’s Desperate (2002) and Highway Queen (2010)-Published in Madirativhange- Journal of African Indigenous Languages and Literature 1 (2) pp46-58.

Book Chapter:

  • Beauty Muromo and Tendai M L Njanji (2018) Political Contestations taken to the Music Arena:A case of ZANU PF and the MDC, in I. Muhwati, ; T. Charamba and C. Tembo (Eds) Singing Nation and Politics: Music and the ‘Decade of Crisis’ in Zimbabwe, 2000-2010, Gweru: Midlands State University Press.

Articles under review

  • Njanji, T.M.L.-The Zimbabwean War of Liberation as a Humanitarian and Environmental Tragedy: An Ecocritical Interrogation of Shimmer Chinodya’s Harvest of Thorns (1989) under review in the
  • Njanji, T.M.L. -Theorizing Urban Spaces in Yvonne Vera’s Butterfly Burning (1998) and Without a Name (1994), under review for Madirativhange, Journal of African Indigenous Languages and Liter 



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