Staff Profile

/Dr Nkala Doreen

Academic Qualifications

  • PhD Marketing – MSU ( Antecedents and Outcomes of Corporate Social Investments in Zimbabwe: A case of Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Listed Companies )
  • Mcom Marketing Strategy- MSU 
  • Bcom Marketing Management – MSU
  • Mcom Marketing Strategy -MSU
  • CIS  part B
  • Education Secondary UZ
  • Counselling – Connect Zimbabwe 

 Research interests

  • Corporate Social Investment,
  • Marketing of service organisations
  • Emotional Marketing,
  • Entrepreneurship  as a peace strategy 

Journal Articles Published:

  1. The Composition and Regulation of the Financial Services Sector in Zimbabwe Mugwati, Miriam Zhanero; Nkala, Doreen; Mukanganiki, Costain. Asian Economic and Financial Review; Karachi4 (2013): 483. 
  2.      Marketing: A New Strategy for State Universities in Zimbabwe Nkala, Doreen; Mugwati, Miriam; Mudzurandende, Florence; Mazhindu, Kenneth; Mhere, Francis. Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness; West Palm Beach8.2 (Jun 2014): 14-25.
  3.     Emotional positioning strategy: Can it create customer loyalty in the hardware construction sector in Zimbabwe? (Midlands State University, 2016) by Mupemhi, Ronicah; Mugwati, Miriam; Nkala, Doreen; Machingura, Tsungai.
  4.     Observing corporate governance principles: growth strategy for small traders in Zimbabwe by Mugwati, Miriam; Nkala, D.

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