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/Ms Nokuthula Sebata
Ms Nokuthula Sebata

Position: Assistant Lecturer

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(BA Hons-LSU); currently studying Masters in African languages and Culture (MSU).

Research interests

  • Translation  and interpretation studies
  • Sociolinguistics and linguistics in African languages


  • Sebata, N & Matiza, V.M (2017). Sotho Children’s games for cognitive and social development. Jibilika: Jounal of performance and creative art. Vol2. Pgs 15-26

Community engagement

  • Secretariat in the National Translation Committee (NTC)
  • Coordinator of the Sotho language in the translation of the Constitution.
  • Departmental representative in Marketing of the African languages Degree programmes
  • Edited the Sotho version of the Constitution translated from English language.
  • Active Member of the Open Day Committee (Faculty of Arts)
  • Faculty Representative in Zvishavane Business Expo (2017) and Masvingo Agricultural Show (2018)
  • Departmental Coordinator of the Masters and Visiting Classes
  • Member of the Sotho language Association (SLA)
  • Member of the Venda Sotho Association (VESO)
  • Member of the Limpopo Civic association (LCA)
  • Faculty Representative of the Sports and Recreation Committee

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