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/PROFESSOR Mcebisi Maphosa (PhD)
PROFESSOR Mcebisi Maphosa (PhD)

Position: Pro Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs and Administration

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  • PhD in Plant Breeding and Biotechnology, Makerere University
  • Master of Science in Plant Breeding and Genetics, Makerere University
  • BSc Hons Crop Science, First Class, University of Zimbabwe.
  • Professor Mcebisi Maphosa is an experienced agriculturalist with over 15 years’ experience in plant breeding, biotechnology and academia.
  • As Pro Vice-Chancellor, he provides leadership for academic and administrative functions at Midlands State University.
  • His responsibilities include oversight of teaching, research, faculty administration and student affairs.
  • Previously, Professor Mcebisi has held roles as Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at Lupane State University and Senior Lecturer teaching plant genetics, breeding and biotechnology.
  • He has also worked as a Research Associate in soybean and maize breeding programmes in Uganda and supervised over 10 postgraduate students.
  • Professor Maphosa is extensively published with over 50 scholarly publications and has managed several research grants from various international partners.
  • His research interests include breeding crops such as; soybeans, groundnuts, small grains and horticultural crops.
  • He regularly provides professional training and has attended courses in modern biotechnology techniques for crop improvement, high throughput phenotyping, personal mastery and soft skills, IPR and gender mainstreaming.
  • Professor Mcebisi Maphosa is a member of African Crop Science and Soybean Africa associations.

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