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/Mr Reason Mlambo
Mr Reason Mlambo
Mr Reason Mlambo

Position: Lecturer

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  • MSc GIS (Edinburgh, UK)
  • BSc Surveying and Geomatics (MSU)

Research Interests:

  • Big Spatial Data Analytics (Machine Learning and Spatial Data Science) applications in Health Geography
  • Earth Observation(Drone Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing) for natural resource management

Community Engagement:

  • Cadastral survey for Shabanie Mashava Mine residential area – (pending)


  • Musananguro, M., Ali, F., Mlambo, R., and Masarira, T. P. (2021). The Fast Track Land Reform Programme and its effect on the loss of forest: the case of the Mafungabusi Forest Reserve in Zimbabwe. The International Forestry Review, 23(3), pp.263-272,
  • Ali, F. and Mlambo, R., 2020. Establishment of Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) in Zimbabwe: An exploration of stakeholders’ readiness in adopting the CORS technology. African Journal on Land Policy and Geospatial Sciences3(4), pp.40-52,
  • Mlambo, R., Woodhouse, I. H., Gerard, F., and Anderson, K. (2017). Structure from Motion (SfM) Photogrammetry with drone data: a low-cost method for monitoring greenhouse gas emissions from forests in developing countries. Forests, 8(3), 68, doi:10.3390/f8030068.

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