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/Dr Tevedzerai Gijimah
Dr Tevedzerai Gijimah

Position: Lecturer

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  • MA in Applied English Linguistics
  • MA in African Languages and Culture
  • BA Hons African Languages and culture
  • PGDTE.

Research Interests

  • Discourse analysis
  • Language and society
  • Indigenous knowledge systems


  • Tembo, C. and Gijimah, T. 2013.  Autochthony in the midst of Afropessimism in Madirativhange:Journal of African Indigenous Languages and Literature Vol 1 No 2..
  • Gijimah, T.. and Sabao, C. 2016. Bi/multilingual voices and audiences? Code-switching in Zimbabwean popular drama, Studio 263, in International Journal of Linguistics vol 8 Number 5 pp 40-57.
  • Matiza, V. M. and Gijimah, T. 2016.  The Mediation of Gospel Music in the Zimbabwean Crisis (2000-2010): A reconciliation measure. In Journal of African Security, Peace and tolerance Studies, Vol 1, No 1 pp 59-72.
  • Gijimah, T. and Matiza, V.M. 2018. Ambivalence in Hoseah Chipanga’s music: aA Critical Analysis. In I. Muwati, T. Charamba and C. Tembo, Singing Nation and Politics: Music and the ‘decade of Crisis’ in Zimbabwe 2000-2010. Gweru: Midlands State University.

Community Engagement

  • Faculty of Arts representative: communication Skills committee
  • Department of African Languages and culture dissertation coordinator

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