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/Dr Veronica Makuvaro
Dr Veronica Makuvaro

Position: Chairperson & Senior Lecturer

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  • DPhil in Agricultural Meteorology, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa, 2014
  • Master of Science, Agricultural Meteorology, University of Zimbabwe, 1997.
  • Bachelor of Science Honors in Agriculture (Crop Science major), University of Zimbabwe, 1988.

Research Interests:

  • Agronomy, agro-meteorology (crop bias);
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation;
  • Resilience building to climate change and smallholder agriculture.

 Selected publications

  • Veronica Makuvaro , Sue Walker, Tirivashe Phillip Masere and John Dimes.  2018. Smallholder farmer perceived effects of climate change on agricultural productivity and adaptation strategies. Journal of Arid Environments, Vol. 152 : 75–82. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jaridenv.2018.01.016
  • Veronica Makuvaro,  C.T.F. Murewi, John Dimes and Ignatius Chagonda. 2018. Are Smallholder Farmers’ Perceptions of Climate Variability and Change Supported by Climate Records? A Case Study of Lower Gweru in Semiarid Central Zimbabwe. Weather , Climate, and Society,  10: 35-49.
  • V. Makuvaro, S. Walker , A. Munodawafa, I. Chagonda, P . Masere , C. Murewi and C. Mubaya. 2017. Constraints to crop production and adaptation strategies of smallholder farmers in semi-arid central and western Zimbabwe. African Crop Science Journal, Vol. 25, No. 2, pp. 221 – 235. http://dx.doi.org/10.4314/acsj.v25i2.7
  • Makuvaro, V., Walker, S., Munodawafa, A., Masere, T.P, Murewi, C. and Chagonda, I. 2014. An overview of current agronomic practices of smallholder farmers in   semi-arid Central and Western Zimbabwe. African Journal of Agricultural Research. 9(35: 2710-2720. https://DOI: 10.5897/AJAR11.606
  • Zirebwa, F.S., Kapenzi, A., Makuvaro, V., Sammie, B. and Madanzi, T. 2015. An evaluation of the performances and subsequent calibration of three solar radiation estimation models for semi-arid climates in Midlands, Zimbabwe. Midlands State University Journal of Science, Agriculture and Technology, Special Edition 2015.44-55.
  • Ignatius Chagonda, Adelaide Munodawafa, Francis T. Mugabe, Veronica Makuvaro, Philip Masere,  and Cyril T. F. Murewi.  Comparative performance of scientific and indigenous knowledge on seasonal climate forecasts: A case study of Lupane, semi- arid Zimbabwe. 
  • Chandiposha, M., Chagonda, I. and Makuvaro, V. 2013. Utilisation of common grain crops in Zimbabwe . African Journal of Food Science. 7(9):253-257.
  • Munodawafa, A., Makuvaro, V.,  Dimes, J, Mugabe, F.,  Masere, P., Murewi, C. and Chagonda, I. 2011. Developing farmers’ coping and adaptation strategies to climatic variability and change in semi-arids of Zimbabwe: Chapter 4: pp277-294. In: Adaptation to climate change: Strategies for exchange and sharing of information for the benefit of communities. Eds.Amadou Sall & Amadou Moctar Dieye ISBN 978-2-9534155-2-0. Copyright CES, Dakar 2011.
  • Chiroro, D., Milford, J. and Makuvaro, V. 2006. An investigation on the utility of the sunscan ceptometer in estimating the leaf area index of a sugarcane canopy.  Proceedings of the South  African Sugar Technology Association, 80:143-147.
  • Mugabe, F.T., Munodawafa, A., Dimes, J., Nanja, D.H., Carberry, P., Mwale, M.,Mubaya, C., Makuvaro, V., Chagonda, I., Masere, P., E. Mutswangwa and Murewi, C. 2010. Building Adaptive Capacity to Cope with Increasing Vulnerability Due to Climate Change. Technical report for the IDRC Climate Change and Adaptation in Africa (CCAA) project: IDRC Project Number: 104144
  • Makuvaro Veronica, Ngara Rosemary and Magwa Simuforosa, 2015. Barriers to effective learning by university students on Work-Related Learning: A case study of students on work related learning in Gweru urban area of Zimbabwe. Journal of Social Sciences Research, 7(1):1250-1260.
  • Mutikani, V and Shumba E, 2002. Environmental management in Zimbabwe. Have the national plans worked? Organization for Social Sciences Research in Southern and East Africa, Environmental series no. 4, Ethiopia.


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