The MSU Great Debaters achieve Greatness not just for Midlands State University (MSU) nor only for the Republic of Zimbabwe but for the entire African continent. MSU is the largest growing university in Zimbabwe. Driven by hard work and a passion for excellence tempered by self-discipline as captured in its core values, the University has produced an amazing debate team comprised of young Africans that have put MSU and Zimbabwe on the map.
The debate team is affectionately known as ‘The Great Debaters’. Debating at MSU began in 2011. According to the International Debate Education Association,’ Debate is a formal contest of argumentation between two teams or individuals. More broadly, and more importantly, debate is an essential tool for developing and maintaining democracy and open societies’. Since their inception The Great Debaters meant business. They have been overachieving in their field and proven to be a most exemplary and formidable debating team.
Most recently the Great Debaters took their winning streak and debating prowess to new heights. The Great Debaters travelled to Ghana for the Pan African Universities Debating Championship, PAUDC. The team comprising nine students and one official, their patron, Mr T Chibanda was in Ghana from the 7th to the 17th of December 2015. The PAUDC tournament drew together 800 students from 90 universities, from 28 countries for 10 days at the University of Ghana, Legon.
Public Speaking Competition
The Great Debaters fielded six participants in public speaking. After three preliminary rounds, all six competitors broke to the semi-finals. From the semi-finals, three of our competitors broke into the final round. Midlands State University was awarded the Best PAUDC 2015 Public speaking Champion after Eppnoggia Mutetwa presented a wonderful impromptu speech on the title Dehumanizing Poverty. Many thanks go to Eppnoggia Mutetwa who managed to defend the Public Speaking trophy that had been won previously by Samuel Muleya.
Adjudication Competitions
The debate team fielded a total of three adjudicators in the tournament. One of them broke to the public speaking finals. Midlands State University was awarded best adjudicator in public speaking represented by Miguel Sichone. After Nine preliminary rounds, Vongai Magodora broke to the Semi Finals in Debate Adjudication. Midlands State University was ranked among the top ten adjudicators with its adjudicators being adjudged as the 8th best adjudicators.
The Great Debaters fielded three teams in debate. Each team had two participants. All teams performed extremely well as they all broke records by reaching the Octo finals. Two of the teams broke in the top three owning the second and third position and they broke with a record 20 points.
Midlands State University was ranked second in the whole debating tournament. They were pitted against universities all over Africa and a visiting Harvard university team.
Many honours were bestowed on the Great Debaters through their hard work, dedication and excellence in their public speaking discipline.

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