The Midlands State University Faculty of Law recently took part in the 25th African Human Rights Moot Court Competition held from the 2nd – 9th of October 2016 at the University of Pretoria, in South Africa.

The continental competition, which brings together law schools from across Africa, this year attracted over 70 law schools, drawn from English, French and Portuguese speaking countries. Out of the total number of competing teams, 50 were English, 10 Portuguese and 10 French.

Competing in the English category, MSU was represented by Brian Tatenda Madziba, a fourth year student and Abel Ndlovu a fifth year student. Pitted against the University of Pretoria, North West University, Great Zimbabwe University and the University of Lagos, the MSU duo demonstrated exceptional advocacy skills, extensive knowledge of human rights law and its application, beating all the opponents in the preliminary rounds.

In the ensuing rounds, the MSU team continued to display great command of human rights law, arguing its case to finish in seventh place, among Africa’s top 10 best English law schools.

Notably, this outstanding performance by Midlands State University, was the best result for a Zimbabwean law school in 24 years. Furthermore, both Ndlovu and Madziba emerged as the 5th and 6th best oralists in Africa respectively.

This commendable performance by Midlands State University, speaks not only of the depth and quality of the University’s law students, but also of the tremendous strides made by the Faculty of Law in its endeavour to provide quality legal education and produce conversant, meticulous and versatile legal professionals.

The African Human Rights Moot Court Competition aims to advance the cause of human rights in Africa. Participants in the three distinct categories that is Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone speaking countries, are judged based on their based on ‘knowledge of the facts, application of law particularly African human rights law, articulation, analysis, persuasiveness, ability to respond to questions and oratory skills.

The Midlands State University team comprised Brian Tatenda Madziba and Abel Ndlovu and Mr B Dube, the team coach.

Below are results for the English category:


The Top 10 English Teams from the Preliminary Rounds

  1. Stellenbosch University, South Africa
  2. University of Pretoria, South Africa
  3. Makerere University, Uganda
  4. Strathmore University, Kenya
  5. Moi University, kenya
  6. University of Lagos, Nigeria
  7. Midlands State University, Zimbabwe
  8. University of the Gambia
  9. Kabarak University, Kenya
  10. University of Nairobi, Kenya


The Top 10 English Oralists from the Preliminary Rounds

  1. Thomas White, University of Pretoria, South Africa (84.3958)
  2. Sandra Muthoni Bucha, Strathmore University, Kenya (82.2708)
  3. Mudzuli Rakhivhane, Stellenbosch University, South Africa (82.0833)
  4. Onwabile Gasela Avuyile, Stellenbosch University, South Africa (82.0625)
  5. Abel Ndlovu, Midlands State University, Zimbabwe (81.2292)
  6. Tatenda Brian Madziba, Midlands State University, Zimbabwe (81.2083)
  7. Thandeka Nokwanda Khoza, University of Pretoria, South Africa (80.8958)
  8. Phyllis Kasyoka Mutunga, Strathmore University, Kenya (80.7708)
  9. Simon Ssenyonga, Makerere University, Uganda (80.7500)
  10. Judith Maryanne Aboto, Makerere University, Uganda (80.1667)

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