Friday 21 October 2016 witnessed the Midlands State University Executive Masters in Business Administration class of 2015 donating state of the art furniture in the form of ten double desks and twenty chairs to the Graduate School of Business Leadership. As the University strives to create a conducive learning environment, the donation came as a shot in the arm as it was used to furnish one model lecture room, giving it the ambience of a modern lecture room.

In her speech during the handover ceremony, the EMBA 2015 class representative, Mrs Theresa Manala pointed out that the donation was in partial fulfilment of the provisions of the Midlands State University (MSU) vision which projects the institution as stakeholder driven. She implored MSU students and staff in their individual or corporate capacities to engage in partnerships with the University in identifying the pressing needs of the institution so that more donations in the form of materials and equipment could be sourced from well-wishers and the alumni. She called upon other students to contribute meaningfully to the University through various disciplines of responsibilities.

“I am sure you will agree with me that any measure aimed at improving the infrastructure of this institution should be embraced. We hope all donations large or small shall forever stand as a testimony of hard sacrifices made by you and me in trying to give a brighter future to all the upcoming generations who will pass through this institution.” said Mrs Manala.

The furniture donation to the GSBL, a school which is responsible for training business leaders into outstanding professionals, was most appropriate as it would go a long way in providing the postgraduate students with a conducive learning environment and in turn fulfilling the mandate of the University in ensuring that it produces the best quality professionals.

Speaking on behalf of the EMBA class of 2015, Mrs Manala indicated that they were proud to have come through the well acclaimed institution which is the first in Zimbabwe to be accredited into the African Association of Business of Schools (ABBS).

The benefits of the accreditation to the MSU – GSBL include amongst others, that the qualifications offered by a member school will automatically internationally recognised. Other additional benefits include world class executive development programmes, designed to prepare Business Leaders to cope with the challenging and dynamic global economic environment, with a view to carving an even larger niche in excellence on the international academic landscape.  MSU joins reputable universities such as the University of Cape Town, University of Stellenbosch, University of Botswana, University of South Africa (UNISA) and others that are scattered across Africa including those in Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and Tanzania.


The Acting Vice Chancellor who was represented by the Librarian, Ms N P Chibanda expressed gratitude to the EMBA class of 2015 for their kind gesture and challenged other MBA and EMBA classes who were present to take up the initiative of giving back to the institution to ensure its continued growth. The Librarian conscientised the postgraduate students that they were the University alumni who had the responsibility of participating through various ways in the development of the University.

The Acting Dean of Commerce, Mr R Duve, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to students who “plough back” into the institution after they have graduated. He indicated the importance of giving back to the society as a sign of maturity and gratitude to Midlands State University.

Amongst the invited guests were The Director of the Graduate School, Dr S Mupemhi, members of staff from the Faculty of Commerce, the Acting Director of Information and Public Relations, Mrs M Mawere as well as EMBA and MBA student representatives.


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