In a move targeted at creating a well-equipped employee from Midlands State University, the Work Related Learning Department has been conducting Faculty specific orientation programmes for all students who are due for Work Related Learning. The Orientation programmes that seek to address challenges faced by students during their work related learning year have been received with great enthusiasm from different faculties as they provide students with information that is essential before one gets into the real world of work. Topics that are being covered in the orientation programme include interview techniques, general behaviour and conduct of a student on internship, expectations from the student and the organisation to which he or she is attached to, and procedures to follow before one goes for internship.

Addressing students from the Faculty of Science and Technology, Deputy Registrar Academic affairs Mr N. Shava, pointed out key areas that students on Work Related Learning tend to overlook which include registration procedures and fees payments. Mr Shava also pointed out the need for students to see their results before pursuing Work Related Learning in order to know if they should proceed or not.

Administrative Assistant in the Department of Work Related Learning Mr F. Panganayi explained the need for students to maintain a good image during Work Related Learning. Mr. Panganayi also explained key areas which have not been understood by students on work related learning which include assessment procedures and work related learning placement forms.

Human Resources Department representative Mr Mawombera outlined various areas that deal with preparation for interviews and how to approach interview questions during the interviewing process. The orientation programme also included a testimonials from level 4.1 students who have recently been attached to various organisations around the country.

Plans are underway to invite speakers from various notable organisations across the country who will equip all students due for Work Related Learning with expectations from an employer’s point of view. We would like to wish all our students due for Work Related Learning the best as they step into the corporate world.





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