Driven by the passion to prepare students for Work Related Learning (WRL), the Faculty of Science and Technology held an exclusive WRL Orientation Programme for its level 2.2 students on the 3rd of October 2017 in the University’s Great Hall.

The orientation programme was meant to equip students with the necessary soft skills that would assist them during their placement period which commences in January 2017. 

The Work Related Learning programme is part of the University’s curricula that seeks to integrate theoretical learning and practical application in the workplace. Students are placed in a work context to develop knowledge, skills and understanding that will be useful in the real world of work.
In his address, the Executive Dean of Science and Technology, Dr A. Nechibvute implored st
udents to give their best during their industrial WRL period. “I urge all of you to take Work Related Learning seriously as it can present you with the opportunity to get fulltime employment after completion of your undergraduate degrees,” said the Executive Dean.

He further urged students to proudly guard their integrity and always uphold the values of the organizations where they would be attached.
Addressing the same students, the Director of Work Related Learning, Mr M. Chaerera weighed in by encouraging students to go out and demonstrate the employability skills that the University strives to impart among its students.

Students also had an opportunity to hear employers’ expectations from Mr W. Cherewo, of Unki Mine. From an employers’ perspective, he advised students to be individuals of repute whose quality of self-conduct should be exhibited from the time of application for placement to completion of the work related learning period. He noted that given the increased educated but unemployed population in the country, employers were demanding skills from graduates that are outside the subject area of their study and placing more emphasis on generic soft skills that graduates acquire during their undergraduate studies. It was also noted that employers considered possession of soft skills as a distinguishing factor between employable graduates and the general degree holders.

A representative from the University’s Human Resources department also shared some interview techniques that could help students succeed in securing places for work related learning.
The orientation programme was also attended by members of both academic and administrative staff from the faculty.

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