Following the appointment of a new Council for Midlands State University by the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development, the University organised an Induction, Corporate Governance and Leadership Training workshop, currently underway at Montclair Hotel, Juliasdale. The theme of the workshop is, ‘An Effective MSU Council: The new paradigm’.

In his welcome remarks, the Chairman of the Midlands State University Council, Engineer Caleb Makwiranzou, applauded the University for hosting the timely workshop as the councillors are set to begin their journey. ‘Our participation in this workshop will no doubt equip us with the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise, which will enable us to take MSU to greater heights’, remarked the chairman.

The objective of the workshop is to ensure that the new councillors get an appreciation of the University governance as well as understand the institution’s expectations to enable them to contribute effectively and efficiently to the development of the University.

In his opening remarks, MSU Acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor V N Muzvidziwa set the tone for the workshop, highlighting the background of the University, its present status and future trajectory as well as the University administration’s responsiveness to the operating environment. ‘The Induction workshop has therefore been organised to orient and acclimatize us with the tasks that lie ahead of us in terms of our new mandate, which seeks to practically embrace the STEM philosophy with the view to achieve industrialization and modernization in Zimbabwe’, said Professor Muzvidziwa.

He also noted the need for the University to align its operations with the National Constitution, Framework for State Owned Enterprises and Parastatals, National Code of Corporate Governance and the 10-Point Plan among other government initiatives.

The one and half day workshop is being conducted by corporate governance guru, Mr Canaan F Dube, Chairman of the Zimbabwe Leadership Forum (ZIMLEF) and the founding Chairman of Council for Midlands State University. Mr Dube is expected to share some notes with councillors on the role of leadership in ensuring accountability, fairness and transparency in the use and management of resources. Other areas of interest will be the impact of the environment on business operations, corporate social responsibility and ethics with particular emphasis on upholding the values of integrity, honesty and professionalism that are encapsulated in the University Mission Statement.

The workshop is being attended by both external and internal councillors.


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