Creating a Better World Through Entrepreneurship

The University’s Department of Business Management hosted an Entrepreneurship Public Lecture on the 2nd of May 2018 at the Graduate School of Business Leadership’s Multi-purpose Hall, with MSU Alumni and prominent entrepreneur, Mr Douglas Pande as the guest speaker.

The Public Lecture was aimed at equipping students entreprenurial skills that will enable them to, not only be employable graduates but also creators of employment in their own fields of interest.

“The problem that we have in this country is that the young people of this generation are expecting the government to give them jobs instead of focusing on looking for entrepreneurial opportunities and start their own businesses. As young people, I urge you to stop crying and complaining about the current unemployment woes bedevilling our beloved nation and start being the solution providers,” said Mr Pande.

The guest speaker’s 13-year-old daughter Anno Pande also made a short presentation that challenged university students to take the first step to establish their own businesses in order to survive in these difficult yet promising days.

“It is up to all of us now to wait for employment and keep suffering or we grab the bull by its horns and we start utilising the few resources that we have and start making money for ourselves,” she said.

Notebly, Midlands State University had already started embarking on the journey to producing unique, innovative and internationally acclaimed graduates who contribute to the empowerment of society and creation of wealth as clearly elaborated by the institution’s vision.

The Chairperson of the Business Management Department Mr Shingirirai Sikomwe said that, “ The University has already made frantic efforts to introduce modules like Entrepreneurship to all the programmes on offer in order to produce entrepreneurial graduates.”

The public lecture was attended by scores of students from various faculties, staff and various members of the university community.


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