Over 2000 Ordinary and Advanced level students from various parts of the country attended the Midlands State University Open Day held at the Main Campus in Gweru, on the 14th of September, 2018.

The open day is held annually to showcase the various degree programmes that the University has on offer to prospective students. Nine faculties drawn from the University’s six campuses together with various service departments among them the Library, Information Communication Technology Services and Students Affairs Division were all fully represented.
Addressing students and teachers who attended this year`s edition, the Pro Vice-Chancellor Business Development and Administration, Professor Kadmiel H. Wekwete said the open day is crucial as it affords the institution a platform to interact, engage and finally see the prospective students returning to the Midlands State University for their tertiary education.
He further noted that the open day was an important day for the students as it exposes them to various career options and opportunities in terms of career development and planning.
‘Career planning is as important as getting three ‘A’s at A’ level if not more important. You can get three “A’s or five “A”s at A’ level, but if you don’t plan your career you may end up messing up your future. So we would like you today, not to focus so much on the brochures but to talk to the resource people representing the different departments and ask what it means for your career if you enrol in the various programmes,” he explained.

Pro Vice-Chancellor Business Development and Administration, Professor Kadmiel H. Wekwete addressing high school students during the Open Day

Professor Wekwete also emphasized the need for students to understand the university structure since they will also become part of this community, which has produced high-level professionals across a variety of disciplines and in different sectors of the economy.
This year’s open day ran under the theme, ‘Creating endless possibilities through Knowledge’.


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