In pursuit of its mandate and raison Detre, the Quality Assurance Teaching, Learning and Performance Contracting Directorate successfully held a dynamic and adaptive induction workshop for the lecturing staff on the 24th of April 2019.  The workshop which was the third of its kind, was attended by 38 members of staff while the first one held on the 20th September 2018 had an attendance of 43 members of staff. The third one preceded an E- marking workshop held on the 26th of October 2018.

The workshops were facilitated by highly experienced academic gurus and sadhuses from within and without the university.  The induction workshops highlights included but not limited to University Governance, Pedagocal and andragogical issues, professional ethics, examinations guidelines, research issues, assessment procedures, staff promotions and grading procedures to mention but a few. The induction workshops were aimed at acculturating lecturers to their new profession by helping them to settle into their environment, understand their responsibilities and ensure that the university receives the benefits of the well-trained, highly motivated employees as quickly as possible.

The Directorate was motivated by the notion that successful lecturer induction programs produce happier and more effective lecturers, which benefits students and influences the overall workplace and the community it serves. Lecturers are expected to handle a myriad and plethora of challenges apart from direct instruction, including professional roles and responsibilities. The new things they need to learn range from information systems to Human Resources to curriculum.The induction process is set to impact on one’s overall success during the first few years of the lecturing career. A solid lecturer induction program can also ease the transition for new staff, giving them the time, support and relationships, they need to thrive. Furthermore, it serves to calm nerves, smooth the new workplace transition, and helps new employees to prepare for their new work environment and job-related responsibilities.


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