Midlands State University (MSU) held a Mental Health and Substance Abuse Awareness campaign to promote understanding and an appreciation of the dangers caused by substance abuse among members of the local community.

The awareness campaign which was held on the 9th of October, 2019 began with a walkathon from the Graduate School of Business Leadership to the Main Campus where official proceedings took place. The campaign was aimed at raising awareness of substance abuse among both the students and the Senga community.

Executive Dean of Students, Mr Isheunesu Chaka, reiterated the importance of holding such educational events that encourage students to desist from substance abuse, while at the same time tackling mental health issues.

‘It is wonderful to provide peer education on the importance of staying healthy, and substance abuse, which has been an issue of concern in institutions of higher learning lately,’ he said.

Student Representative Council (SRC) Minister of Health, Food and Environmental Management Mr Saddam Saungweme explained the importance of hosting such events as they encourage people to be responsible and avoid suicides,

‘Our main aim is to create awareness, stop suicide caused by mental health and substance abuse whilst encouraging students to finish their studies in good health,’ he said.

The event was a collaborative effort involving Counseling Services, the Psychology Department, Health Services Department, Students Representative Council, the Psychiatry Department in the Faculty of Medicine, the Peer Education Network as well as external partners who included CIMAS Medical Aid Society, Bonvie Medical Aid, First Mutual Health and Queen of Peace.



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