Midlands State University held a quality assurance induction workshop for newly appointed academic department chairpersons to help familiarise them with the institution’s performance standards. The workshop which was organised under the auspices of the Academic Affairs Office was held on Wednesday the 5th of February 2020 at the university’s Gweru Main Campus.

In her opening remarks the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Academic Affairs, Professor Doreen Moyo congratulated the chairpersons on their appointment and emphasised the need for them to take a leading role in the implementation of Education 5.0 in their respective departments.

“I want to start by congratulating all our incoming chairpersons of departments and let me hasten to say as chairpersons you are part of the management according to Ordinance 5 and yours is a critical role in ensuring that Education 5.0 is rolled out at departmental level resulting in the production of knowledge that can be translated into goods and services that benefit Zimbabwe as a whole,” she said.

Professor Moyo also emphasised on the need for chairpersons to ensure adherence to stipulated standards and procedures in the enrolment, teaching and examination processes.

In his presentation the MSU Centre for Quality Assurance, Teaching and Learning and Performance Contracting Director, Professor Alois Chiromo called on heads of departments to put quality issues at the forefront and focus on excellence in their everyday operations as they are a vital cog in attracting quality learners to the institution.

Other presentations were by the Dean of Research and Postgraduate Studies, Professor L. Chikoko, the Dean of Students, Ms F. Chakauya and the Information Technology Services, Director, Mr L. Dandira among others.

The induction workshop was also attended by the University Registrar Mr T. Zishiri, the Deputy-Registrar Academic Affairs, Mr I. Gumbo, the Examinations Director, Mrs L. Shava and the Director, Central Records and Archiving Mr S. Pondiwa.


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