Midlands State University’s Research and Postgraduate Studies Office hosted a three-day Grant Writing workshop, aimed at empowering postgraduate students with essential grant writing skills. Professor Exnevia Gomo from the University of Zimbabwe facilitated the blended workshop, held at the MSU Gweru Main Campus from the 2nd to the 4th of November 2020.

Officially opening the workshop, which drew together both onsite and virtual participants, MSU Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Academic Affairs, Professor Doreen Z Moyo highlighted the critical role of research in providing practical solutions to societal problems.

“The 2019 – 2023 University Strategic Plan emphasises the overarching role of research as a catalyst for development and proffering practical solutions to societal problems,” she said.

Professor Moyo also stressed the importance of research grants in providing much-needed funding to support the entire research process, including the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment needed for research.

Professor Gomo, with the help of his colleagues, Ms Thokozole Mashaah and Mr Antony Matsika, delivered several presentations during the workshop, covering a wide range of topics that included, an introduction to grant writing, developing a research plan, and developing a research budget among others.

Speaking at the end of the workshop, MSU Executive Dean for Research and Postgraduate Studies, Professor Laurine Chikoko expressed gratitude to Professor Gomo and his team for facilitating the workshop.

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