Midlands State University’s Library has received a donation of academic journals from Professor Emeritus Tomaselli from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and Professor Kundanis from the United States of America.

The valuable collection of 428 journals was officially handed over to the University on behalf of the benefactors, by the MSU Department of Media and Society Studies Chairperson, Professor Nhamo A. Mhiripiri, at the institution’s Gweru Main Campus on the 5th of November 2020.

Speaking while handing over the donation, Professor Mhiripiri acknowledged the hard work being done by both MSU staff and students, which, he said, led to the donation.

“Professor Tomaselli and Professor Kundanis saw our work highlighted on our website and saw the efforts the University is making to internationalise.

“When these esteemed professors went through the academic work of MSU, they saw the work of academically and professionally gifted individuals and this led them to donate such a rich scope of academic journals to the University,” said Professor Mhiripiri.

On receiving the donation, MSU Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Academic Affairs, Professor Doreen Z. Moyo expressed gratitude to Professor Tomaselli and Professor Kundanis for the wonderful gesture.

“This collection of academic journals will go a long way in increasing access to relevant and quality information for students, staff and researchers that are interested in Media Studies, English and Communication, Arts and Culture and other related disciplines,” said Professor Moyo.

MSU Librarian, Ms Nyarai Chibanda welcomed the donation and applauded everyone who made the donation possible.

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