Midlands State University Student Development Office hosted an online Virtual Leadership and Entrepreneurial Acumen in Crisis Times Conference from the 7th to the 10th of April 2021.
The conference which focused on leadership and entrepreneurial development was in keeping with the University’s educational mission of facilitating rewarding interactions outside of the classroom and encouraging students to become active members of the university community through social, cultural, leadership, educational activities which along with the students’ studies help to create global citizens that can effect positive change.
Conference speakers included the MSU Executive Dean of Students, Ms Fadzai Chakauya, Ms Michelina Chindiya, Dr Moyo, Coach Request Machimbira and Dr Phillip Chidavaenzi.
In her presentation on the first day of the conference, the Executive Dean of Students, Ms Chakauya spoke about divergence into the virtual world of business and highlighted essential practices for success. She outlined the importance of maintaining professionalism and good communication in the market place as well as the need for transparency, accountability, social responsibility and good ethics.
Also presenting on the first day, Miss Michelina Chindiya, an Internationally Acclaimed Financial Advisor spoke about turning passions into jobs, budgeting and financial literacy for students.
On the 2nd day of the conference, Dr Moyo, a global award-winning business development specialist spoke on leadership excellence and dealing with the Grasshopper Syndrome and a wide range of other issues relating to leadership.
In his presentation on the 3rd day of the conference, Coach Machimbira, the Group CEO of Proficiency Consulting Group, an author, strategy expert and 13-time award winner spoke on how a business empire is a function of sustainable formulas.
Presenting on the 4th and final day of the conference, Dr Phil Chidavaenzi, a veteran Literary Consultant and award-winning author, spoke on how to establish yourself in the dry business season and gave insights on how to make one’s business profitable.
MSU Student Development Fellow, Mr Wellington Ilunga, who organised the conference, said the conference was tailor-made to feed into the University’s Student Development Office’s mission to engage the holistic, education experience of all students by cultivating the knowledge, skills and values needed to be leaders and global citizens in a diverse and changing world.
The virtual conference was also attended by the MSU Health Services acting Director Dr Gerald Hangaika and the Director of Residence, Ms M Viriri.

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