Theme: Combating Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Tertiary Institutions 

You are invited to submit abstracts for the first Annual Gender Conference. The Conference will be held at the Midlands State University Gweru Main Campus on Friday 21 October 2022. This will be the first conference to focus on gender equality and equity at institutions of higher learning in Zimbabwe.

The conference seeks to bring together students’ experiences and voices relating to gender – based violence. It will also present an opportunity to interrogate the contributions of academics, legal and policy practitioners in making tertiary institutions more gender responsive. Research indicates that women and men experience gender – based violence in various forms. The following are the sub-themes for examining the effects, impacts and implications of gender-based violence in tertiary institutions. The contributors may select topics not mentioned below but must ensure that contents and spirit of the topic should be adhering to the theme of the conference. You are therefore invited to contribute research articles on the sub-themes below. 

Contributions should be research-based papers based on theoretical and empirical evidence to make a case.   The final programme of sessions will be determined by the subjects of the abstracts received and accepted.


  • Tertiary students’ perceptions of GBV
  • GBV and People With Disabilities
  • Voice, agency and silences in GBV
  • Men and masculinities
  • Sexual harassment
  • GBV and technology
  • GBV and education
  • GBV and students rights
  • GBV , religion and culture
  • Impact of GBV on life – long learning
  • Towards a framework for GBV prevention
  • GBV in communities housing institutions of higher learning


Abstracts on any other relevant topic are welcome

Contributors need to adhere to the following guidelines and important timelines:

 Abstracts of between 200 to 250 words, with 5 to 6 keywords, 

The deadline for submission of abstracts is: 31/05/2022

Feedback on abstracts will be provided by: 30/06/2022

Submission of individual draft articles by: 21/09/2022

Length of Article: Between 6000 to 8000 words including the reference list.

Style: We request the use of APA 6th edition.

Referencing: For consistency let us use the APA style of referencing (in-text and also when compiling the final reference list).

NB: The Conference is blended.  Registration fees for the conference are as follows:-

  • Corporate World Physical Presentation = US$50
  • Corporate World Virtual Presentation = US$25
  • Students Physical Presentation = US$10
  • Students Virtual Presentation = US$5

Deadline for registration will be communicated in due course.

All correspondents’ queries and submissions should be directed to: 


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