Midlands State University (MSU) won the first prize in the tertiary institutions category at the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (Midlands Chamber) Annual Business Awards held at the Village Lodge in Gweru last Friday 17 June 2022.
MSU won the award for effectively implementing the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development driven Education 5.0 philosophy.
Education 5.0, is grounded on the circumstance that a country’s education system should drive its industrialization and development.
Teaching, research, community engagement, innovation and industrialization are the five pillars of the Education 5.0 philosophy. It succeeds Education 3.0 which was focused on teaching, research and community engagement.
Education 3.0 is castigated by education experts for being a colonial education philosophy that produced a job seeking human capital resource that lacked an innovative and enterprising acumen.
MSU has been leading in commercializing its innovations through the setting up of strategic business units such as its agro-processing unit, Coal Tar processing plant, the MSU Enterprises Unit, the MSU National Language Institute and the National Pathology, Research and Diagnostics Centre.

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