As part of the University’s community engagement efforts to develop an entrepreneurial culture in society, Midlands State University Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation conducted an Entrepreneurial Skills and Self-Sufficiency Workshop from the 10th to the 12th of April 2023 at Siachilaba Township and Siabuwa Light of Life Ministries Conference Centre in Binga.

The workshop was also aimed at educating the Binga communities on self-sufficiency, starting and managing businesses and value-addition to local products.

In his opening remarks, the Team leader-Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Mr. A Maviya, emphasised the importance of entrepreneurial skills and self-sufficiency to the Siachilaba and Siabuwa communities, which will reduce poverty by enhancing individual and household incomes.

First facilitator, Ms E.T.R Manhiwa educated the community on Business start-ups, Principles of Entrepreneurship and Self-sufficiency.

“In business you must be a solution provider who does not just rush to get money but provide solutions to the community.

“You must never give up and must continually have faith and resilience,” said Ms. Manhiwa.

Ms. E.N Mbuyisa took over by encouraging the community to be innovative and focus on value-addition on indigenous produce and indigenous ideas rather than wait for exotic products and ideas.

“The easiest way to start a business is to use indigenous resources readily available in the community,” said Ms. Mbuyisa.

Workshop participants already in business were given the platform to discuss the challenges and coping mechanisms.

As if to read from the heritage-based Education 5.0 script, Mr. A Maviya, highlighted the importance of value-addition on indigenous products.

The participants were also encouraged to adapt to modern marketing techniques including, branding and packing products.

“Evaluate business opportunities that are around you and utilise the little you have to prevent unnecessary costs,” reminded the participants in his vote of thanks.

The heritage-based Education 5.0 misses no word in highlighting the importance of community engagement and the use of local knowledge systems as well as natural resources for the production of goods and services towards a modernised society.


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