To enhance the University’s Administrators’ service delivery, professionalism, customer care and work ethics, Midlands State University Human Resources Department conducted a seminar for administrators on the 14th of April 2023 in Gweru at the Village Lodge.

While introducing the Director-Secretariat, Mr. D. Nemaramba, who was standing in for the University Registrar; Deputy Registrar-Human Resources, Mrs. S. Masuku highlighted that the seminar is aimed at equipping the University’s Administrators with knowledge to service the university through its committee system.

“Thank you all for turning up for this critical event.

“We appreciate and hope that we are going to acquire important skills in delivering our services within the University,” she said.

In his address, Director-Secretariat, Mr. D. Nemaramba indicated that the seminar is crucial for the University’s administrators given the upward growth trajectory of the institution.

“Our university has grown in leaps and bounds; we operate on multi-campus system so the University has grown phenomenally and its always important for us to gather so that we can discuss as well as secure training so that we keep pace in terms our administration,” said Mr. Nemaramba.

During the event, the administrators were taken through the University’s committee system, the servicing of committees, professional services delivery, customer care and wellness, and academic regulations.

Lecturer in the Department of Languages, Literature and Cultural Studies, Mr. Muchena, delivered a presentation aimed at enlightening the administrators on the best approaches to service the University’s committees through conducting and coordination of meetings.

“This presentation has been prepared for both new and existing committee secretaries in order to establish a level of consistency in the approach to committee servicing and to share existing good practice,” said Mr. Muchena.

The discussion on servicing committees was succeeded by a presentation on customer care, staff wellness, and professional ethics in the execution of administrative roles with the main aim of enhancing the customer experience.

While concluding his presentation on staff wellness, Mr. R. Machimbira, Consultant-Blackbelt Human Capital Institute underlined the importance of following the University’s core values in delivering services to the clients and stakeholders.

During the seminar, the participants were organised into focus groups to discuss issues to do with academic regulations, human resources management and finance.

Principal Assistant Registrar-Human Capital Development, Mr. E. Chinongwa thanked all the attendants for heeding the University’s call for a training seminar.

In her vote of thanks, Quality Assurance and Professional Development Administrator, Ms. E. Masanjala, thanked the University Executive Management as well as the Human Resources Department for organizing the seminar.

She also encouraged the participants to embrace and implement the lessons learnt during the seminar.

Midlands State University emphasizes teamwork, hard work, honesty, integrity, and accountability in staff conduct.

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