All unregistered students are being informed that the deadline for normal registration is Sunday, 17 March 2019. Students who fail to register by this deadline will be penalised at the rate of $2 per day up to a maximum of $28.00 during the late registration period. The late registration period runs from Monday, 18 March to Thursday 4 April 2019.

All students, including those on Work Related Learning must pay their fees and register during the stated period. Students who fail to register by the deadline for late registration period will be presumed to have withdrawn or to have deferred their studies.

Students who may be facing some challenges in raising fees are strongly encouraged to apply for educational loans. If interested, please contact Eduloan on 0542225660 or any financier of your choice. Other participating financiers are ZB bank, CBZ bank, POSB and Get Bucks.

Students who fail to register this semester will not be allowed to write examinations for this semester.

Thank you.

Deputy Registrar – Academic Affairs