The standing committee on human rights and peace (SCORP) under ZIMSA (Zimbabwe medical student association) will be hosting an event on the 8th of March 2019 in the MSU great hall, in consultation with Midlands State University Counselling department, the Disability Resource Centre as well as AfricAid Zvandiri (Africaid is a community based organisation in Zimbabwe which, through its Zvandiri programme, provides community and health facility based prevention, treatment, care and support for children, adolescents and young people living with HIV. Zvandiri aims to support national HIV systems to provide a comprehensive package of care for children, adolescents and young people living with HIV which is responsive to their clinical and psychosocial needs and experiences. AfricAid receives support from Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Health and Child Care, Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, National AIDS Council, Harare City Health Department, local clinics and staff)

We will be commemorating Zero Discrimination Day, an annual worldwide event that promotes diversity and recognises that everyone counts on the 8th of March starting at 6 pm till 8 pm. This year’s Zero Discrimination Day campaign invites people to ask themselves ‘what if’ questions to reflect upon their everyday actions, such as: What if the person you bought your vegetables from was living with HIV? Would you buy tomatoes from him? What if your neighbour had tuberculosis? Would you stop to chat?

No one should ever be discriminated against because of their HIV status, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, language, geographical location or migrant status, or for any other reason.

Discrimination is often based on misinformation or fear of the unknown, allowing discrimination to continue is not only wrong, it is bad for communities, bad for the economy and bad for the future.

Ending discrimination requires action from everyone. Zero Discrimination Day is an opportunity to highlight how everyone can be a part of the transformation and take a stand towards a more fair and just society.
Your support in this initiative will be greatly appreciated.