Degree Profile of

Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Communication

Institution: Midlands State University
Type of Degree: Postgraduate Diploma
Credit Load: 270 credits (minimum)
Level: SADC-QF – Level 8
Accreditation Organisation(s): Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education
Period of reference: 2018


Purpose of the Programme
To develop knowledge, skills and competences in the field of Communication relevant to various employment capabilities and careers in the world of work and society. To prepare students for further studies and lifelong learning in the field of communication.


Programme Characteristics
Areas of Study: Communication
Specialist Focus: Business communication, public relations, public communication, discourse, communication technology
Orientation: Research and innovation oriented. Teaching and learning are professionally oriented and focused on both theoretical and practical aspects.
Distinctive Features: The programme builds on communication needs in Zimbabwe and abroad and focuses on knowledge development and application using a student-centred approach


Career Opportunities and Further Education
Employability: Careers as Public relations practitioners, Researchers, Consultants, Liaison officers, Marketing practitioners, Publishers, Editors, Advertisers and Translators
Further Studies: Masters and Doctoral studies in Communication or related fields


Programme Delivery
Teaching and Learning Methods: Lectures, tutorials, seminars, group work, research project, individual independent study
Assessment Methods: Written and oral examinations, tests, seminar presentations, continuous  assessments


Programme Competences

·     Multidisciplinarity: Ability to draw appropriately from multiple academic disciplines to define and solve problems based on understanding of complex phenomena

·     Quantitative and innovative reasoning: Capability to draw on big data and use analytics for informed decision making and strive to seek new ways of doing things

·     Communication skills: Ability to communicate effectively and to present information orally and in writing and using ICTs to both expert and non-expert audiences

·     Analysis and synthesis: Capacity for analysis and synthesis using logical arguments and proven facts.

·     Ethical commitment: Professional integrity and awareness of impact of communication on society and the environment

·     Entrepreneurial skills: Capability to identify and create new business ventures based on knowledge and new thinking paradigms

Discipline specific:

·     Deep knowledge: Ability to analyse communication texts of various genres in terms of underlying principles and knowledge and by means of appropriate literary and linguistics methods

·     Communication skills: Ability to communicate effectively in a variety of settings including the academic, business, political and social environment. Good writing, verbal and computers skills for specific purposes

·     Language Skills: Ability to use language effectively, identify its properties and engage in multi-lingual experiences

·     Problem-solving skills: Ability to reflect and act upon societal problems through communication

·     Analytical skills:  Ability to use data to analyse social, political, cultural and economic phenomena


Intended Learning Outcomes
·     Ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of communication

·     Ability to use principles of language and communication to understand personal and interpersonal communication

·     Ability to identify and define different communication systems and practices

·     Ability to analyse communication texts of various genres

·     Ability to identify and solve communication-related organizational problems

·     Develop new communication practices and technologies that enhance efficiencies and outputs of the communication industry

·     Create new business ventures in the text-book writing and communication industries

·     Communicate effectively and present information using multi-media to both expert and non-experts in the communication industry


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