Entry Requirements


Normal Entry

Five ‘O‘ level subjects including English and Mathematics with a grade C or better any 2 ‘A‘ Level subjects with at least one science subject from the following;

Biology, Chemistry, Agriculture, Geography, Physics. Applicants with good ‘O’ level Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science and Mathematics and any other ‘A’ level subjects can be considered.

Special Entry

For special entry, students with outstanding passes in a diploma with a livestock or wildlife bias can be admitted. 3.3 Mature Entry Refer to Section 3.3 of the General Regulations.


Visiting School

This is a 3 year degree program aimed at individuals already in employment. In addition to satisfying the general entry requirements, they should either have a Diploma in Agriculture or other relevant Tertiary qualification. Level 2 and 3 run concurrently.


Career Prospective


Graduates can be employed in the following areas as consultants, animal or wildlife specialists, extension and research officers and consultants. 5


In level 3, all students will be on Work Related Learning for a minimum period of ten months. During the same period, students will be expected to carry out a research project.

5.2 A student shall be enrolled for at least six modules at any time during the semester.

5.3 Students can include in their programme of study, modules offered by other Departments.

5.4 Students may be allowed to change registration for modules taken in any semester only during the frst two weeks of registration.





For the research project assessment, each student will present a dissertation and an oral presentation on the research project.

The dissertation and the oral presentation will contribute 70% and 30%, respectively, to the final mark for the research project.