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Welcome to the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at Midlands State University. Started in 2004, our vision is to be the most sought after academic center, providing high-quality education, training, consultancy services and evidence-based research in Food science, technology and nutrition.

  • Degree programmes offered:
  1. BSC Honors Food Science and Technology
  2. Bsc Honors Nutrition Science
  3. MSc Food Science and Nutrition
  4. MSc Food Safety and Quality Management

Working under various themes the department is involved in in-depth research which builds towards the addressing of local issues and broader sustainable development goals (SDGs) such as no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well being as well as clean water and sanitation. The department is currently involved in the Beneficiation and commercialization of indigenous wild fruits, a multidisciplinary project funded by the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development, among other projects. The department combines research and community engagement by partnering with rural communities in developing healthy diets using indigenous resources as well as sharing food preservation techniques, which are most ideal to the communities. On the same note, the department carries out research to incorporate least utilized foods into diets with a view to improving diversity and variety through reduction of food waste whilst broadening their food resources even out of season.

In a fast changing world where consumer perceptions are ever changing, and where healthy diets and convenience foods are becoming a necessity, the department has partnered with players in the whole food chain (Primary producers – consumers) including regulatory authorities and voluntary standards bodies. This collaboration intends to come up with relevant food products, supported by policies and systems that improve food safety and quality, food and nutrition security while minimizing food losses and pollution by the food industry. The staff in the department of Food Science and Nutrition participates in national projects and partners internationally in various programmes and researches.  They are also involved in food safety and quality standards development as well as nutrition policies development at national level.

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Midlands State University, Department of Food Science and Nutrition
Department of Food Science and Nutrition,
Batanai campus
Midlands State University
Private Bag 9055
Gweru, Midlands Province


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