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/Dr Talknice Z. Jombo


  • PhD Food Science (UP)
  • MSc Food Science and Nutrition (MSU)
  • BSc  Food Science and Nutrition (MSU)

Research Interests:

  • Cereals and legumes
  • Hard to cook defect in legumes
  • Dairy science and processing
  • Nutrition in edible Insects 
  • Food systems


  • Jombo, T.Z, Minnaar, A and Taylor J.N.R. (2018), Effects of gamma irradiation on cotyledon cell separation and pectin solubilisation in hard-to-cook cowpeas. J. Sci Food and agric,Vol98(5),1725-1733.
  • Manhokwe S., Matiashe I and Jombo T.Z. (2013),An analysis of the water quality of groundwater sources in selected high density areas in Gweru urban. Journal of Environmental Science and Water Resources, 2(9).

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