A variety of free legal services are rendered by lawyers and trainee lawyers.  These services are however available to those individuals who qualify in terms of the ‘means test’.  Rendering of the below listed services is meant to provide free legal aid to the indigent who have very little chance of obtaining these services from private practitioners due to un-affordability.

These matters include the following:

  1. Maintenance matters.
  2. Civil litigation in general.
  3. Criminal matters – bail applications only.
  4. General consultations.
  5. Labour matters.
  6. Debt counseling.


Disability Rights Strategic litigation

 Although the Clinic aims to improve access to justice for indigent persons in general, it hosts a special project on disability rights. The project aims to improve access to justice by PWDs and has a special focus on the following articles of the CRPD;

  • Article 12 which provides for equality
  • Article 13 which provides for access to justice
  • Article 19 which provides for the right to independent living
  • Article 24 which provides for the right to education for PWDs
  • Article 29 which provides for the right to political participation.

The Law Clinic does not:

  • Conduct any consultations telephonically or by emails.
  • Charge any fees for professional services rendered to our clients. The clients are only liable to pay court disbursements such as revenue stamps and sheriff’s fees.