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/Mrs Vonai Chirasha
Mrs Vonai Chirasha

Position: Chairperson

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  •  MSc Human Resource Management
  • Politics and Administration (Hons )

Research Interest: 

  • Emotional Intelligence,
  • Human Resource Development,
  • Human Resource Policy & Practice,
  • Training & Development,
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • HIV & AIDS at workplace.


  • An analysis of the causes and Impact of deviant behavior in the workplace. The case of Secretaries in State Universities- Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and management Sciences
  • An Assessment on the uptake level of a fully Integrated Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)- A case study of Midlands State University- Canadian Center of Science and Education.
  • Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership. A case study of a Mining company in Zimbabwe
  • Implementation of strategic plans by Zimbabwean Local Authorities, A case of Nyanga Rural District Council- Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and management Sciences
  • An assessment of management’s attitudes and behaviour towards HIV & AIDS at the workplace. A case study of Gweru urban industries in Zimbabwe.
  • Management of Discipline for good Performance. A theoretical perspective
  • An evaluation of organisational Development Interventions at ZETDC and their impact on Organisational Effectiveness.
  • The impact of Amended Labour Provisions of the Labour.
  • Human Resource Development, Emotional Intelligence and Social Capital for Senior Managers in the Hospitality Industry in Zimbabwe

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