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/Dr. Anna Gudyanga


  • PhD- Doctor of Philosophy in Education
  • Masters Degree In Curriculum Studies

Research Interests:

  • Gender Issues
  • HIV/AIDS Education
  • Curriculum Issues in Science Education
  • Education and Transformation
  • Socialization in Child and Adolescent Development.


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  •  Gudyanga, E., Wadesango, N., Manzira, L. R. & Gudyanga, A. (2015).  Current State of Guidance  and Counselling in Secondary Schools in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Educational  Sciences, 11(1) 41-49.


Book Chapters Published:

  • Gudyanga, A. (2014). Vocationalisation of Education. In R. J Zvobgo, Contemporary Issues inEducation, pages 101-114; Gweru: College Press., ISBN: 978-1-77900-639-4

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