Staff Profiles: Educational Foundations and Management

Prof Ezron Mangwaya

Deputy Dean and Associate Professor

Research Interest:

  • Curriculum implementation
  • Curriculum policy
  • Curriculum planning and development
  •  Early childhood education
  • Teacher education

Dr Emely Muguwe

Acting Chairperson and Senior Lecturer

Research Interests: Early childhood:

  •  Language Arts; Mathematics and Science for young children; Inclusive and special needs; Child welfare and child care; Counseling young children.
Educational Psychology:
  • Continuing professional development of teachers in Inclusive and special needs education; Child welfare and care; Indigenous knowledge systems.

Prof Taruvinga Mushoriwa

Full Professor

Research Interests:

  • Psycho-Educational Assessment
  • Inclusive Education
  • Child Development and Learning
  • Child Abuse
  • Sexual Harassment
  • HIV and AIDS Issues

Dr. Anna Gudyanga

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests:

  • Gender Issues
  • HIV/AIDS Education
  • Curriculum Issues in Science Education
  • Education and Transformation
  • Socialization in Child and Adolescent Development.

Dr Rosemary Guvhu


Research interests: 

  • Comparative education and educational management    
  • Educational leadership and administration
  • Technology leadership and ICT integration into education
  • Contemporary issues in education
  • Educational policy and planning 

Dr Starlin Musingarabwi


Areas of Research interest: Curriculum theory, Student learning, Curriculum Development and implementation

Dr Nothabo Shoko

Permanent Full Time Lecturer

 Research interests:

  • Peer Harassment in Educational Institutions,
  • Indigenous Knowledge systems and Education,
  • Reconfiguring the Education System In Zimbabwe and Social Problems and Solutions in Zimbabwe ,
  • Child Sexual Abuse and Teacher Welfare.

Dr Wonderful Dzimiri

Research Interests:

  • Educational Management and leadership;
  • educational policy studies;
  • women and education

Dr Bhebhe Gladwin



  • PHD- University of Fort Hare 2011
  • MEd Educational Adminstration, Planning and Policy Studies. (ZOU) 2007
  • Bed Educational Administration (UZ) 2004
  • Areas of research interest: Educational management and Leadership

Dr Ennie Manyumwa

Research Interests

  • Inclusive education at primary school level and in tertiary institutions
  • Issues concerning early childhood development
  • Children’s rights

Dr. Canisius Manyumwa


Research Interests:

  •     Critical thinking and education
  •     Education and critical pedagogy
  •     Freedom and authority in education
  •     Philosophy for Children

Dr Ephias Gudyanga


Research Interests:

  • Sexuality Education
  • Hiv/Aids Education
  • Science Education
  • Child Abuse
  • Child Disorders And Behaviour
  • Assessment And Evaluation

Ms Flora Chipo Taruvinga


Research Interests:  

  • Social Psychological Issues Affecting Learners/Teachers,
  • Counselling Provisions In Schools

Mr Potiphar Katerere Nhenga


Research Interests:

  • Supervision Of Educational Personnel.
  • Motivation Of Educational Personnel.
  • Creating An Environment Conducive To The Attainment Of Educational Goals.
  • School Governance.

Mr S Mandina


Research Interests:

  • Chemistry education
  • Science Education
  • curriculum studies
  • environmental chemistry

Mrs Charity Chiromo

Temporary Full-time Lecturer

Research Interests: Social inequality In Education  

Mr James Bwerazuva

Area of Research Interest: The dichotomy between Theory and Practice in teacher in education.