Staff Profile

/Dr Ennie Manyumwa


  • PhD – Doctor of Philosophy in Education ,Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • Master of Education (Psychology)
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Certificate in Education (Infant Education)

Research Interests

  • Inclusive education at primary school level and in tertiary institutions
  • Issues concerning early childhood development
  • Children’s rights

Responsibilities In The University

  • Lecturer – Psychology of Education, Psychological Foundations of Child Development, Inclusive and Special Needs Education
  • Coordinator – Teaching Practice -B Ed Early Childhood Education
  • Faculty representative – Work Related Learning
  • Supervising dissertations at undergraduate and post graduate degree levels.
  • Assistant coordinator – Diploma in Early Childhood Education -Gateway Christian College Harare.

 Community Service

  • External assessor – Seke Teachers’ College ECD Department
  • External assessor – Morgan ZINTEC College ECD Department
  • External assessor – United College of Education ECD Department
  • External assessor – Gaborone Universal College Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Published Articles

  1. Shoko, N., Manyumwa, E., Muguwe, E. & Taruvinga, F. C. (2011). Teacher incentives: A death knell for education in Zimbabwe.
  2. Manyumwa, E. & Shoko, N. (2011). Teachers’ perceptions on family risk factors that aggravate child sexual abuse: A case study of Gweru urban primary schools.
  3. Muguwe, E., Manyumwa, E., Shoko, N., & Taruvinga F. C. (2012). Re-integration of institutionalized children into society.
  4. Manyumwa, E., Manyumwa, C. & Mutemeri J. (2013). Evaluating the implementation of the remedial education programme in Zimbabwe urban primary schools.


Work In Progress

  1. Inclusion and the psycho-social experiences of students with visual impairments in a Zimbabwe state university. (Manyumwa E.)
  2. A framework for the inclusion of students with visual impairments: A case of a Zimbabwe state university. (Manyumwa E.)
  3. Challenges faced by Grade one and two pupils in Gweru peri-urban primary schools in striving to achieve automaticity in English reading. (Manyumwa E. and Hungwe L.)
  4. Factors that hinder early identification of learners with disabilities in Zimbabwean primary schools. (Manyumwa E.)
  5. Factors hindering the realization of visually impaired students’ agency in institutions of higher learning.

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