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/Dr Wonderful Dzimiri

Qualifications: PhD; Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies; M.Ed. (Admin.); B.Ed.; Certificate in Education.

Research Interests:

  • Educational Management and leadership;
  • educational policy studies;
  • women and education


  • Dzimiri, W. & Mkosana, C. (2015). Teacher Experiences in Performance Management System in Zimbabwe: Focus on Training. In The Dyke. Vo. 9 (2). (Accepted/In press).
  • Kurebwa, M & Dzimiri, W. (2015). Excavating Factors That Militate Against Social Transformation Through Open And Distance Learning (ODL): A Case Of Women In Mkoba Suburb Of Gweru. In International Journal of Multidisciplinary Academy Vol 5, Issue 11, pp39-49.
  • Dzimiri, W. & Chinyauro, M. (Sept. 2015). Unmasking the State of Risk Management in Zimbabwe’s Gweru Urban Schools. In International Journal of Innovative Research and Development. Vol. 4 Issue 10, pp 106-112.
  • Dzimiri, W. & Marimo, S. T. (March-April, 2015)Challenges Faced In the Implementation Of The Zimbabwe Localised Advanced Level Geography Syllabus: A Case Of Gweru District High Schools.Global Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. Vol 4 (2), 52-56. 
  • Kurebwa, M. & Dzimiri, W. (2015). Unmasking Factors that Propel Men into Extramarital Affairs as Perceived by Men in Gweru’s Mkoba Suburb, Zimbabwe. Scholars Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences2015; 3(1D):252-256.
  • Dzimiri, W. (2014). Education and the Law. In Zvobgo, R. J.  (ed.)Contemporary issues in education. Harare, College Press, pp40-56.
  • Marimo, S.T &Dzimiri, W.(2013) Perceptions on Belt Marking System in Zimbabwe: A Case of Advanced Level Geography Syllabus 9156THE DYKE. Vol. 7 (1), pp. 71-85.
  • Dzimiri, W. (2012). Analysis of the education policy-making process in Georgia: The case of House Bill (HB) 247 (amended 1999) on bullying in schools. THE DYKE. 6 (2), pp 85-99..
  • Dzimiri, W. (2004) A Qualitative Case Study of the Implementation Of Local School Governance Reform. Ann Arbor, Michigan, ProQuest Information and Learning Company UMI.
  • Samkange, F. & Dzimiri, W. (2004). Sexual Maturation and Education Processes: The Exploration. In Julie Stewart (ed.) Life skills, sexual maturation and sanitation – What’s (not) happening in our school? An exploratory study from Zimbabwe. Pp148-195.Harare: Weaver Press.
  • Dzimiri, W.,Seldon-Miller, et al. (2004). The Good Neighbor Programme: Building Stronger Communities. Atlanta: Georgia State University College of Education.

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