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/Dr Wonderful Dzimiri

Qualifications: PhD; Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies; M.Ed. (Admin.); B.Ed.; Certificate in Education.

Research Interests:

  • Educational Management and leadership;
  • educational policy studies;
  • women and education


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  • Kurebwa, M & Dzimiri, W. (2015). Excavating Factors That Militate Against Social Transformation Through Open And Distance Learning (ODL): A Case Of Women In Mkoba Suburb Of Gweru. In International Journal of Multidisciplinary Academy Vol 5, Issue 11, pp39-49.
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  • Kurebwa, M. & Dzimiri, W. (2015). Unmasking Factors that Propel Men into Extramarital Affairs as Perceived by Men in Gweru’s Mkoba Suburb, Zimbabwe. Scholars Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences2015; 3(1D):252-256.
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