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/Dr Starlin Musingarabwi
Dr Starlin Musingarabwi



  • Phd- Education (Curriculum Studies)

 Areas of Research interest:

Curriculum theory, Student learning, Curriculum Development and implementation

 Published articles

  1. Kasayira, J.M., Musingarabwi, S., Nyanhongo, S., Chipandambira, K.S. & Sodi, T. (2007) A survey of College Students’ views on Academic Dishonesty. Journal of Psychology in Africa. 17(1&2):123-128.
  2. Musingarabwi, S, Sodi, T. & Mangwaya, E.P. (2009) College Students’ Perceptions of Factors Influencing Research Participation. Journal of Psychology in Africa. 19 (4): 565-568.
  3. Chitanana, L., Musingarabwi, S. & Maeresera, J. (2011) A Comparative Study of Cognitive and Affective Outputs of Students with Computer Prior-Knowledge (CPK) and Students without Computer Prior-Knowledge in their Computer Studies. Journal of Psychology and Educational Development. 1(1):95-101.
  4. Musingarabwi, S.& Blignaut, S.E. (2014) Theorising the implementation of the HIV/AIDS curriculum in Zimbabwe. Journal of Curriculum Studies

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