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/Dr Tendayi Marovah
Dr Tendayi Marovah

Position: Lecturer

Department: Applied Education
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Academic Qualifications

  • Dip Ed (UZ), 
  • BEd Hist (  MSU), 
  • MEdCAH (UZ),
  • PhD Africa Studies (UFS).

Research interests:

  • Curriculum and Pedagogy,
  • Higher Education,
  • Human Development,
  • Capability Approach,
  • Social justice and Ubuntu


  • Marovah, T. (2019) Capabilities formation through curriculum and poedagogical practices: lecturers’ perspectives from two Zimbabwean teachers’ colleges. South African Journal of Education. Vol 39 (2019) Supplement 2, pp.S1-S10.
  • Panganayi, M; Marovah, T. and Machingura, F. (2017) Using Indigenous Languages for Citizenship Education Instruction in Zimbabwean Teachers’ Colleges in Zambezia Journal, Vol 44(ii), pp88-103
  • Marovah, T. and Walker, M. (2016) Learning for sustainable futures: A human development approach to citizenship education in Journal of Education No. 65, 2016, pp 1-22.
  • Marovah, T. (2015) Using The Capability Approach To Conceptualise African Identity(ies) In Phronimon, 16(2), Pp.42-47, ISSN number 1817-4434.
  • Marovah, T. (2013) Citizenship Education And Human Capabilities: Lynchpin For Sustainable Learning Environment And Social Justice In Transdisciplinary Research In Southern Africa, 9(3), Special Edition, December 2013, Pp. 593-607, ISSN number 1561-4018.

Community Engagement

  • Participates in curriculum review processes in History and Heritage Education under the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education


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