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/Dr Tirivashe Phillip Masere
Dr Tirivashe Phillip Masere

Position: Lecturer

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  • BSc (Hon) Land and Water Resources Management (Midlands State University, 2006)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Water Supply and Sanitation (Institute of Water and Sanitation Development, 2012)
  • MPhil – Agriculture Extension and Rural Resources Management (University of Kwazulu Natal, 2012)
  • PhD – Agriculture Extension and Rural Resources Management (University of Kwazulu Natal, 2016)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (Bindura University of Science Education, 2019)

Research Interests:

  • Soil and Water Conservation
  • Water Quality
  • Water Supply and Sanitation
  • Climate Change and Adaptation
  • Climate Smart Agriculture
  • Small Scale Farming Research
  • Agricultural Extension and Rural Resource Management
  • Crop Simulation Modeling
  • Technology Adoption and Innovation in Small-Scale Farming Systems


  • Masere, T. P., & Worth, S. (2015). Applicability of APSIM in Decision-Making by Small-Scale Resource-Constrained Farmers: A Case of Lower Gweru Communal Area, Zimbabwe. Journal of International Agricultural Extension Education, 22(3): 20-34.
  • Masere, T. P., Munodawafa, A. and Chitata, T. (2012). Assessment of human impact on water quality along Manyame River. International Journal of Development and Sustainability, Vol. 1 No. 3, pp. 754-765.
  • Masere, T. P. (2014). Crop management decision making processes by small-scale farmers of Lower Gweru Communal area, Zimbabwe. International Journal of Development and Sustainability, Vol. 3 No. 10, pp. 2049-2058. 
  • Masere, T. P., & Duffy, K. J. (2014). Factors cost effectively improved using computer simulations of maize yields in semi-arid Sub-Saharan Africa. South African Journal of Agricultural Extension, 42(2), 39-50.
  • Duffy, K. J., & Masere, T. P. (2015). Effect of within-season daily rainfall distribution on maize crop yields. Outlook on AGRICULTURE, 44(4), 267-271.
  • Veronica Makuvaro, Sue Walker, Tirivashe Phillip Masere and John Dimes. (2018). Smallholder farmer perceived effects of climate change on agricultural productivity and adaptation strategies. Journal of Arid Environments Vol 152: 75-82.
  • Makuvaro, V., Walker, S., Munodawafa, A., Chagonda, I., Masere, P., Murewi, C. and Mubaya, C. (2017). Constraints to crop production and adaptation strategies of smallholder farmers in semi-arid central and western Zimbabwe. African Crop Science Journal, Vol. 25, No. 2, pp. 221 – 235. DOI:
  • Ignatius Chagonda, Adelaide Munodawafa, Francis T. Mugabe, Veronica Makuvaro, Phillip Masere, Cyril T. F. Murewi. (2013). Comparative performance of scientific and indigenous knowledge on seasonal climate forecasts: A case study of Lupane, semi- arid Zimbabwe. J. Agri. Res. 3(5), 1-9.
  • Chagonda, I., Mugabe, F. T., Munodawafa, A., Mubaya, C. P., Masere, P., and Murewi, C. (2015). Engaging smallholder farmers with seasonal climate forecasts for sustainable crop production in semi-arid areas of Zimbabwe. African Journal of Agricultural Research Vol 10 (7), 668 – 676
  • Makuvaro Veronica, Walker Sue, Munodawafa Adelaide, Masere Tirivashe Phillip, Murewi Cyril and Chagonda Ignatius. (2014). An overview of current agronomic practices of smallholder farmers in semi-arid Central and Western Zimbabwe. African Journal of Agricultural Research 9(35), pp. 2710-2720.
  • Mugabe FT, CP Mubaya, D Nanja, P Gondwe, A Munodawafa, E Mutswangwa, I Chagonda, P Masere, J Dimes, C Murewi. (2010). Use of Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Scientific Methods for Climate Forecasting in Southern Zambia and North Western Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe Journal of Technological Sciences Vol 1, No 1: 19 – 30.

Community Engagement

  • Training small-scale farmers and extension workers on decision support tools to enhance crop production.
  • Moderation of examination scripts and external examination (Soil and Water Conservation) for affiliate agricultural colleges.
  • Programme Coordinator of the MSc Land and Water Resources Management programme



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