Staff Profiles: Land and Water Resources Management

Prof Johnson Masaka

Position: Executive Dean


Position: Lecturer

    Soils and soil survey; Ecology and resources management; Vegetation – environmental relations, Land drainage and land reclamation, Wetland development and participatory rural appraisal (PRA); Climate change and land use feasibility; Environmental impact assessment; Agricultural policy and planning; Land reform and agrarian change; Land and skills audits for agricultural turn around.

Mr L Sammie

Position: Lecturer

Mr E. T. Mupfiga

Position: Lecturer

Mr N.L Mufute

Position: Lecturer

Research Interests:
    Irrigation: policy issues; organization, planning, development, management and evaluation of schemes; alternative energy systems for irrigation, Water Resources Management: Small dams management; wetlands management and utilization; watershed planning and Management; rain water harvesting, Other : Solar drying of crops: Development solar dryers and drying of vegetables and fruits

Mrs Rangarirayi Lucia Mhindu

Position: Lecturer

Research interests:         

Mr Raymond Mugandani

Position: Lecturer

Ms Blessing Ndau

Position: Technician