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/Mr L Sammie

 Qualifications :

  • Post graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education; Midlands State University 2013
  • MSc Manufacturing Systems and Operations Management; University of Zimbabwe 2008
  • BSc [Hons] Agricultural Engineering; University of Zimbabwe 2005


  • Sammie B, Chitata T, Manenji B, Ndau B and Chivizhe JB. 2015. Challenges and constraints to agricultural mechanisation in Zimbabwe: A dealers’ and manufacturers’ perspective. International Journal of Agriculture Innovations and Research 4(2): 284-287.
  • Kapenzi, A, Zirebwa, F.S, Sammie, B. and Madanzi, T. A comparative analysis in detachability of different soil textures. In press: MSUJSAT
  • Zirebwa, F.S., Kapenzi, A., Makuvaro, V., Sammie, B., Mugandani, R. and Madanzi, T. An evaluation of the performance and subsequent calibration of three solar radiation estimation models for semi arid areas in Midlands Zimbabwe. In press: MSUJSAT
  • Zirebwa SF, Sammie B, Kapenzi A, Mugandani R and Madanzi T. 2014. An evaluation of the performance and subsequent calibration of two reference evapotranspiration estimation models for Gweru, Zimbabwe. Academia Journal of Agricultural Research 2(7): 167-174, July 2014.
  • Sammie B, Gwazane M and Nyamutowa C. 2014. A Demographic Portrait of Urban Open Field Cultivators in Gweru, Zimbabwe. International Journal of Scientific Research 3(6), June 2014.
  • Sammie B, Gwazane M and Nyamutowa C. 2014. Perspectives on the effectiveness of NGO initiatives in urban agriculture in Zimbabwe 3(2), February 2014.
  • Mbohwa C and Sammie B. 2011. E-business and e-commerce applications and trends in the retail sector of Zimbabwe. The IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, 6-9 December 2011, Singapore


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