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/Mr E. T. Mupfiga

Academic Qualifications

  • MSc International Land and Water management, Wageningen University and Research Centre, The Netherlands, September 2009- August 2011
    • Specialisation: Irrigation and Water Management
    • Minor Specialisation: Geo-Information Science
    • MSc in Environmental Policy and Planning, Department of Environmental Science, University of Zimbabwe, Feb 2005 to October 2008)
    • BSc Honours in Agricultural Engineering, Degree Class: (2.1), awarded University Book Prize, Department Agricultural Engineering and Soil Science, University of Zimbabwe, August 1999 to August 2003
    • Post Graduate Certificate in Applied Groundwater Modeling with Emphasis on Data Integration, Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation, University of Twente, The Netherlands, 30 March 2015 – May 2015


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Batanai Sammie, Elvis Mupfiga, Liboster Mwadzingeni, Tavengwa Chitata and Raymond Mugandani. (2020). A gendered lens to self-evaluated and actual climate change knowledge Journal of Environmental Studies and Science, 11 (1) 65-75), doi.10.1007/s13412-020-00641-6
  • T. Mudereri, C. Mukanga, E. T. Mupfiga, C. Gwatirisa, T. Chitata (2020). Analysis of potentially suitable habitat within migration connections of an intra-African migrant – The Blue Swallow (Hirundo Atrocaerulea). Ecological Informatics.
  • Bester Tawona Mudereri, Tavengwa Chitata, Concilia Mukanga, Elvis Tawanda Mupfiga, Calisto Gwatirisa & Timothy Dube (2019). Can biophysical parameters derived from Sentinel -2 space borner sensor improve land cover / land use mapping in semi-arid regions? Geocarto International. Doi: 10.1080/101006049.2019.1695956
  • Masaka, J., Madhau, F., Mupfiga, E., & Marambanyika, A. (2017). The dynamics of landuse- land cover changes for the years 1984, 1992, 2001 and 2014 in Mutasa district, Zimbabwe. (A. J. Online, Ed.) Southern Africa Journal of Education, Science and Technology, 12-27. doi:10.4314/sajest.v4i1.39812
  • Nyatondo, U. N., Machingauta, T., Mupfiga, E. T., Mahlatini, P., & Chemura, A. (2016). Monitoring inter and intra-annual variation in habitat quality in a protected area with hyper-temporal remote sensing. Annals of Social and Behavioural Sciences, 2(1 (Special Issue)), 87-98., ISSN: 2415-0851
  • Mupfiga, E. T., Munkwakwata, R., Mudereri, B., & Nyatondo, U. N. (2016). Assessment of sedimentation in Tuli-Makwe Dam Using remotely sensed data. Journal of Soil Science and Environmental Management, 7(12), 230-238. doi:10.5897/JSSEM2016.0563
  • ZWS: 975:2014 -Water for Irrigation Purposes, Standard Association of Zimbabwe, 2014. (This is a Standard for irrigation water in Zimbabwe)

Book Chapter

  • Mupfiga, E.T., Mupfiga, U.N., & Muringaniza, K.C. (2020). Monitoring the spatial and temporal land use and land cover change in a dam catchment. In z. v. Nyawo, T. M. Mashingaidze & U. Saidi (Eds), Dams,Society and the environment in Zimbabwe (pp. 93-118). Harare: Africa Institute for Culture, Peace, Dialogue & Tolerance Studies. ISBN:978-07974-8211-1


Community Engagement:

  • Community Engagement through Scientific and Indigenous Knowledge (CESIK) Program, Mberengwa, Gully reclamation program
  • Community Engagement through Scientific and Indigenous Knowledge (CESIK) Program, Silobela, Gobo,
  • University representative in the Standard Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) Irrigation water Quality Steering committee: TC AG015:Water for irrigation purposes (May 2013 – July 2014)


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