Staff Profile

/Mr E. T. Mupfiga

Mr E. T. Mupfiga

Lecturer, Department of Land and Water Resources Management


  • MSc. International Land and Water Management, Wageningen University and Research Centre, The Netherlands, 2011
  • MSc. Environmental Policy and Planning, University of Zimbabwe, 2008 BSc. Honours Agricultural Engineering, University of Zimbabwe, 2003 Publications:
  • Mupfiga Elvis T, MurimiHardlife, Mufute Ngonidzashe L and NyatondoUpenyu N, 2015, An Assessment of the Impacts of Reservoir Sedimentation on Dam Storage Capacity and Reservoir Life Span, MSUJSAT (accepted)
  • Mupfiga Elvis, NyatondoUpenyu, ChibandaKumbirai, and Chemura Abel, 2015, Land cover change as an indicator of dynamics of environmental quality in a tropical savannah: A case of Mazowe District, Zimbabwe, MSUJSAT (accepted)
  • ZWS: 975:2014 – Water for Irrigation Purposes, Standard Association of Zimbabwe, 2014.

Community Engagement:

  • Community Engagement through Scientific and Indigenous Knowledge (CESIK) Program, Mberengwa, Gully reclamation program
  • Community Engagement through Scientific and Indigenous Knowledge (CESIK) Program, Silobela, Gobo,
  • University representative in the Standard Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) Irrigation water Quality Steering committee: TC AG015:Water for irrigation purposes (May 2013 – July 2014)