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/Miss Ncube Felicity Nokukholwa
Miss Ncube Felicity Nokukholwa

Position: Lecturer

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  • Master of Science Degree in Hospitality and Tourism (CUT, Zimbabwe).
  • Master of Commerce Degree in Strategic Management and Corporate Governance (MSU, Zimbabwe).
  • Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management (MSU, Zimbabwe).

Research interests

  • Religious Tourism
  • Conservative Tourism
  • Tourism Resource Management
  • Tourism Economics
  • Service Quality

Publications and Conferences

  • Tourism and Hospitality Educators Research Association of Zimbabwe (TERAZ): Theme: Bridging the Academia – Practitioner Gap: Towards Research Based Solutions. Presented paper titled: “Religious Tourism and its Perceived Economic Impact in Zimbabwe”, 11 September, 2019, ZITF, Bulawayo. 
  • Midlands State University Faculty of Commerce Research Conference: Theme: Sustainable Economic Transformation, Innovation and Governance in Emerging Economies. Presented paper titled “Ecotourism Success Story in Zimbabwe, Case of Tsholotsho Campfire Projects”, 7 February, 2019, MSU Incubation Hub, Gweru. 
  • Africa Youth in Tourism Conference participant, Theme:  Sponsoring Tourism Development and Innovation in Africa through Youth Participation”, 19-23 September, 2018, ZITF, Bulawayo
  • World Tourism Symposium Day participant, Theme: Tourism and Digital Transformation, 24 September 2018, Lupane State University, Lupane.
  • National Tourism Sector Strategy Consultative Workshop participant: 12 February 2018, Rainbow Hotel, Bulawayo.

University service/community engagement

  • Tourism & Hospitality Management Department Events Committee member.
  • Tourism & Hospitality Management Department Timetable Committee member.

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