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/Mr Athanas Guzha
Mr Athanas Guzha

Teaching Assistant, Department of Agronomy


  • Diploma- Gwebi Agricultural College (Zimbabwe)
  • BSc Horticulture Honours- Midlands State University (Zimbabwe)
  • MSc AgroNematology- University of Ghent ( Belgium)

Research Interests:

  • Use of molecular techniques to study and understand mechanisms that are fundamental in plant-microbe interactions.
  • Generation of new information that may help in the formulation of a blueprint of molecular interactions that exist between crops and biotic/abiotic factors.
  • Publications:
  • Yuanyuan Mei , Thorpe P, Guzha A, Haegeman A, Blok VC, Mackenzie K, Gheysen G, Jones JT and Mantelin S (2015) Only a small subset of the SPRY domain gene family in Globodera pallida is likely to encode effectors, two of which suppress host defences induced by the potato resistance gene Gpa2, Nematology 17 409-424. IF 1.25 Q2 (58/153)
  • Guzha A, Takawira M, Muziri T, Masaka J, and AC Guzha The influence of fallow period management             practices on the population dynamics of Rhizobium leguminosarum (In press- Advances in   Agriculture, Hindawi).
  • Conference Presentation
  • Yuanyuan Mei , Thorpe P, Guzha A, Haegeman A, Blok VC, Mackenzie K, Gheysen G, Jones JT and Mantelin S (2013) Functional analysis of Globodera pallida SPRYSEC proteins. Presented at       the 10th International Congress of Plant Pathology. Bio-Security, Food Safety and plant Pathology: The Role of Plant Pathology in a Globalised Economy, August 25-30th 2013 Beijing, China
  • Community Engagement:
  • Development of chick rearing technology for the smallholder farmer.
  • Development and testing of water conservation technology ( Tie-ridger)at communal farms in the Zvishavane area (Sibanda farm).
  • Development of a piggery wet-feeder for communal farmers.
  • Participated in the training of local (Gweru District) extension agents in water conservation technology.

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